It's sunny here in Portland. And it's November! Those of you not from the Pacific Northwest don't know how special this is. It's usually around this time of year that "the rains" descend … and don't leave until April. One year we had 97 straight days of rain. It started to rain last week and I thought that was it. But we're having a late November reprieve. Nice. Just checked the weather in rainier Seattle and it looks like I'll have sunny weather up there this weekend too. Double nice.

You'll notice in the graphic below that we're having morning "fog."

And so I give you the actual conversation of my coworkers as we walked to get our flu shots the other day:

Coworker #1: Wow, it sure is nice out.
Boss Lady: They said we're going to have sun until Thanksgiving!
Coworker #2: Yeah, but it's cold in the morning. And there's morning flog … I mean fog.
Coworker #1: Morning flog. That would help get you out of bed in the morning.
Coworker #3 (to Boss Lady): There you go. That's the answer for the hard to motivate employee. Morning flogs.
Boss Lady: Nice weather we're having. [smiling and changing the subject]

Our later conversation, on the walk back to the office from the group bonding flu shot experience, featured this gem: "The office that bleeds together works together." It does make it easier when you don't necessarily like your job to at least work with people with a good sense of humor.

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kevin h said...

I didn't mind the fog this morning, as much as I minded the bit of it that had frozen to my windshield.

And I know what you mean about the morning flog! I had an 8am class, and finally got out of bed at 7:25. Threw on clean clothes and a hat, scraped the ice off my windshield, and got to class at 7:58.

It's beatiful out there right now, though. There's something about looking at a baby blue sky with just a few wisps of white cloud, through the barren branches of the walnut tree...