telling the old boss

My old boss was in the office today meeting a coworker for lunch. The old boss hired me in 1995 (TEN years this month!), but then left in the midst of some messy office politics in 1998. Part of my job is now his old job.

Anyway, a group of us were gathered in a friend's cubicle visiting with the old boss. He asked what was new with us. Talk centered around vacation plans and changes in the office. Then another coworker of mine looks at me and says, "Well, you know Susan's going to be leaving us." So the old boss looks at me expectantly and asks where I'm going.

So I say that actually I'm thinking about "becoming a nun," joining a group of progressive Catholic Sisters who work for peace through justice, yada yada yada. All the while glaring at my friend …. it's just kind of awkward to explain out of the blue. And keep in mind that since I didn't come back to the church until 1999, the old boss only knew non-Catholic Susan not Church-geek-Susan.

But the old boss' reaction surprised me and is definitely one of my favorite to date. To give the full feel of it, I'm not going to censor it. He looks at me, and says "No Shit! … Really? …. Well good for you." And I could tell he meant it.


A said...

I barely know anything about you, but in the way you wrote that, I could feel a bit of your discomfort of being "put on the spot" there. The reaction makes me smile. :)
Yeah, very good for you.

Lorem ipsum said...

Guess you can rely on him for a good reference still! Kudos for him for his positive reaction.

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

yup. the spot is not my favorite spot :)

I just wasted some time and collected other "spilling the beans" episodes in a drop down menu on the side bar.