2:35 PM

2:34 PM .... that's how long my calm and peaceful "All will be well" feeling from the retreat lasted at work today. It took a few interactions to quickly fizzle it all away.

BUT, I managed a spark of true maturity! One of the interactions was with a coworker who had to deal with a lot of my junk last week while I was away. She was being really ... well ... pissy about it. Normally I would try to just "let it go," but really it would still be hanging in the air and tainting our working relationship. Suspecting she might not even realize how she was acting I said, "By the way, it seems like you might be mad at me about something, so whatever it is I'm sorry." She of course said she wasn't mad at me. But since then, she's mellowed out and the tension is gone.

Yeah me!!!!

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~m2~ said...

i like your approach better as i usually say something like, "i can't help but feel something is wrong - have i done anything to offend you?"

that can actually open a can of worms i may not be able to put back in. yours is a much better avenue as you are acknowledging their mood but not asking why :)

good on you!