3rd Anniversary of the War

Sunday is St. Joseph's Feast Day (although I think its observance is shifted to Monday because it's on a Sunday???). In any case, it's also the 3rd Anniversary of our "little" war in Iraq. I've been wondering these past 3 years what Joseph thinks about that, starting a war on his feast day. I have a feeling he'd want us to pray for peace. Hence the sign.

My parish and local Pax Christi Chapter are sponsoring a large march and rally in downtown Portland ... along with over 140 other groups! If you're in Portland, it's at Waterfront Park, gather at 1:30, rally at 2, march at 2:30. I'm sure there are events in other parts of the country as well. I always think it's important to have a good faith representation at these events. If nothing else it helps with the angry vibe.

I won't be able to be there as I'll be at groovy sister headquarters for our Province Assembly. Which, come think of it, is appropriate. How better to mark both St. Joseph's Feast Day and the 3rd anniversary of the Iraq War than with 100+ Sisers and Associates of St. Joseph of Peace??

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