off to see the groovy sisters

I’m off to see the groovy sisters, the wonderful sisters of peace.
Because Because Because Because.
Because of the wonderful things they do.

Thursday it’s off to work, but then afterwards it's in the car and on the freeway for the drive north to the emerald city. But this time it’s not just a regular episode of groovy sister reserves, but a special edition as it’s our Spring Province Assembly!

I love assemblies. A time to gather as a community for prayer, discussion, celebration and just old fashioned visiting. Truth be told they are a wee bit exhausting, but it is such a joy to have everyone come together. Friday I’m doing a few airport runs, picking up Sisters who are coming in from out of town. Saturday is the assembly. Saturday night is the Jubilee celebration dinner for those Sisters celebrating anniversaries. I’ve been invited to sit at the table with one of my groovy sister housemates who is celebrating 50 years as a Sister of St Joseph of Peace! Sunday the meetings continue, and then I’ll head home.

This is my 2nd Spring Assembly. Last year I was a newly minted pre-candidate and still getting to know people. This time I’m looking forward to renewing connections and making new ones. There are still lots of Sisters and Associates I haven’t gotten to know.

In case I don’t check in, have a wonderful weekend. St. Patrick’s Day. St. Joseph’s Day. And of course, the 3rd Anniversary of our little war in Iraq.

Pray for Peace!

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