bless me friend for I have sneezed

Just as I let out a giant sneeze this morning, my browser popped up on my friend Omis who tells us

I pray for the intercession of St. Herve, for whom I found an obscure reference to him as patron saint of allergy sufferers:

June 17, St. Herve, patron of allergy sufferers, had a special prayer for sneezers.

Is that “hurv” or “hair-ve” do you think? No matter, my early-blooming tree allergies are in full swing, so I’ll join Omis in praying for the intercession of St. H. I wonder, what was the special prayer for sneezers???


"omis" said...

a) I think it's ehr-vay

b) The prayer is, "God bless you."

(Actually, that part was attributed to St. Gregory.)

Lorem ipsum said...

They even have someone who's the patron saint of itches. I found this out years ago when I had some sort of insect bite. The guy (don't remember his name) is also the patron of taxi drivers and people suffering from venereal diseases.

Guess there really is someone for everyone.

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

I studied French in high school and lived outside Geneva for a year, but to my knowledge have never come across the name "Herve".

And now ... the saint of the achoo! AND a link to an article by a french Theologian on dot commonweal who's name is ... you guessed it ... Herve!