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I went to the dentist today for part 3 of the "oh no, I broke my tooth while eating an everything bagel" episode. I now have a new shiny gold crown (it's in the way back and gold for some reason is cheaper?!).

When I walked in, the dental assistant said "OOH! I've been thinking about you!" and then proceeded to pepper me about questions about my vocation as I had gauze and various metal implements in my mouth. I'd forgotten I'd told her last time I was there. She's quite fascinated. It was reminiscent of my trip for my nun physical.

I did in fact quit my job today. Or rather, I turned in my notice that I'll be leaving in a little over 5 months. Turns out they're starting the recruitment asap and I'll most likely be job sharing for a few months before I leave. We'll see if it's a lasting effect, but I had a different perspective today. Not really short timers, as I've had that for months. It's more that I had a healthy detachment today in the midst of the typical craziness. I know that the world does not revolve around this place I have gone every day for the last 11 years. It will be weird to leave though.

Me being me, my resignation letter was a page long. I felt the need to highlight my professional accomplishments, as well as my pride in starting the annual office Cinco de Mayo party! Mexican food and mock margaritas. That may well be one of my lasting impacts on the office!

In any case, 12 hours later I still feel at peace making this giant leap of faith. Wherever my journey leads me, I know God is calling me away from that job. But not yet.

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(On your giving your notice, not receiving your crown -- ouch!)