chipping, chipping, gone!

Previously on Musings of a Discerning Woman, I shared that a major obstacle to my entering the groovy sisters was a mound of personal debt. It was the end result of poor financial choices, reliance on credit cards, and charging many plane tickets and rental cars over the two years that my mom was sick with cancer.

I’ve been in a debt repayment plan since 2003 and on a tight budget, which has helped me to come to appreciate a simple life style. But at the rate I was chipping away at the debt, it would have been another two years or so before I was debt free. And yes, being free of personal debt is one requirement for entrance! Makes sense I suppose, given the whole vow of poverty thing.

Well, thanks to some TREMENDOUS and very generous financial assistance from my father, I just made final payments on my debt. The last batch of it was actually an interest free loan from my Dad that I’ll be paying back between now and the end of the summer. But as far as my creditors are concerned, balances are now at $0. In the end I will have paid off about half of my debt myself, my father the other half. Like I said, he’s been very generous. My mom I know is smiling down on us from heaven - me because I finally listened to where God was calling me and on my Dad for helping make it possible for me to answer that call.

So, thanks Dad! And thanks to everyone who has been praying for me to tackle the old debt demon. It does feel mighty strange to be free of it once and for all. I guess this is what a miracle feels like.


Mark Mossa, SJ said...

I paid off all my debt about 6 months before joining the Jesuits.

Nice feeling, huh?!

"omis" said...


Talmida said...

Congratulations, Susan!

Lorem ipsum said...


I was extremely lucky never to have credit card debt, but I definitely can see how it can happen (especially after being laid off). Last summer we paid off my husband's credit cards, lowered the limits to three figures (truly emergencies only) and it's truly a wonderful feeling - no longer is the borrower the slave to the lender!

Your dad sounds like a wonderful person for undertaking this with you. Looks like you're now ready to take the next step.

Veronica said...

That's wonderful!

Margaret of the Sea of Galilee said...

One can say and believe "It's only money" and there *is* something in that. But when you are suddenly,finally,totally out of debt (especially innocently incurred debt) you sure do feel free of something that has been weighing heavily on you.
Onward and upward, Sister