freedom, judgement and mercy

These words from Henri Nouwen were in my mail box this morning when I got to work. After the day I had yesterday, these are the thoughts I needed to start this day:

We spend an enormous amount of energy making up our minds about other people. Not a day goes by without somebody doing or saying something that evokes in us the need to form an opinion about him or her. We hear a lot, see a lot, and know
a lot. The feeling that we have to sort it all out in our minds and make judgments about it can be quite oppressive.

The desert fathers said that judging others is a heavy burden, while being judged by others is a light one. Once we can let go of our need to judge others, we will experience an immense inner freedom. Once we are free from judging, we will be also free for mercy. Let's remember Jesus' words: "Do not judge, and you will not be judged" (Matthew 7:1).


A said...

Nouwen strikes again as he so often does. Right on target. Thanks, I needed that too.

Sylvia said...

One thing I've learned from having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is that judging takes a lot of energy! Sometimes I'm just too tired to do it, and feel much better when I stop. :)