war is peace

I love Dan Froomkin, writer of the "White House Briefing" at the Washington Post. Today in my lunch time reading I read his comments about our President's take on "the third anniversary of the beginning of the liberation of Iraq." Mr. Froomkin writes:

Bush's avoidance of the word "war" in the context of Iraq is the rule, not the exception. In the carefully chosen lexicon of White House speeches, that particular word is almost exclusively reserved for the "global war on terror."

So there is no war, except for the war that never ends, and we're winning.

It's a little reminiscent of George Orwell's 1984, where the three slogans of the ruling party were "War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength."

Which reminds me of my favorite bumper sticker from the 2004 election season. Or was it 1984???

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LutheranChik said...

IMHO we're living in imperial Rome -- "Hail, Caesar" (not) -- and we're in the midst of "Pax Romana." Lord, have mercy...