wearing of the green

I packed my bags Wednesday night for my weekend trip to Seattle. But yesterday at work, I realized what I'd forgotten ... something green to wear on St. Patrick's Day!!!

Crisis averted I dashed home before hitting the freeway and pulled a green shirt out of the closet. Lucky thing it was clean ... luck o' the Irish perhaps? I am half Irish after all (the joke being which half ... the better half of course!).

I've spent the morning helping the groovy sister office manager get ready for our Province Assembly tomrow. I'm happy to share my busy work expertise! The bonus is that I get to join the retired sisters here at groovy sister hq for St. Patrick's Day liturgy and lunch, which being the main meal of the day they call dinner. I walked through the dining room earlier and it's all decked out, with little Irish flag centerpieces on each table. Since many of the Sisters are Irish - as in they left Ireland as wee lasses to join the convent and go on mission to America - I can't think of a better place to be.

Happy St Patrick's Day!

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Anonymous said...

Fun! I bet that was a neat dinner--and conversation!