it's Sunday morning, do you know where your bloggy friends are?

Good morning to all my bloggy friends ... or the appropriate salutation for whatever time you are visiting this here humble corner of the blogosphere. I thought I'd take advantage of the quiet morning here before any of my Sister housemates wake up to check in.

This weekend is our groovy sister Province Assembly. Twice a year Sisters & Associates journey from their far flung corners in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada and El Salvador (I think that about covers it) and gather at the province headquarters. There is usually something serious on the agenda, but there is also much fun and laughter. One of our new Associates stopped me in the hall on our way to our morning break - this is his first Assembly - to tell me how amazed he was at the joy and energy buzzing around the room. Our facilitator (whose husband was taught by the groovy sisters) commented that it was so nice to be facilitating a "home coming." Basically in my humble opinion, assemblies are the community at our best. And yes, I do seem to have moved from "they" to "us" and "their" to "our."

Which leads me to feeling so full of thanks, blessed and honored this morning to be a part of this community. It's such a complete feeling, but a hard one to put into words.

Well, the coffee pot awaits. I'm going to sit in the kitchen and look at the sunrise before everyone else gets up. We've got another half day of Assembly ahead of us before I head back to my other abode in Portland.

Peace All Y'all,

PS - our vocation director yesterday asked if she could quote the blog during her presentation this morning! I'm interested to see what she says. And if groovy sisters or associates are visiting the blog as a result of Jo-Anne's presentation ... Welcome!


will smama said...

Good afternoon and have fun!

Susan D said...

I expect you may have quite a few lurkers, Susan, now that the community knows your blogger identity. Yes, the Assemblies really do feel like homecoming - I still remember at, probably, the 3rd Assembly I attended, suddenly feeling joyously attached to everyone. It's a wonderful experience.

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

Thanks Susan!

My 1st assembly was my 2nd contact with the community. It confirmed my original sense of grooviness.

My 2nd assembly was a chance to meet people again. All I remember is my face and stomach hurting from laughing.

My 3rd assembly was just after I became a candidate and I felt like I belonged.

This weekend was my 4th assembly, and it was just joy filled.

Even if my blog identity was unmasked to the entire community!! :)