eucharist, silence, prayer, solitude & community

Bryan Sherwood (who is in a discernment process to become a Lay Cicstercian at the Abbey of Gesthemani) has a great post about how the Eucharist changes things. Do yourself a favor and go read it!

A of Coming to the Quiet (who joined the church a week ago tonight!) has a great post on prayer, silence, solitude and the Eucharist.

I'd like to add a short thought to this collective reflection ... the importance of Community. Except that I'm running late for morning Mass and then brunch with a friend so I don't have time to flesh out my thoughts. Except to say that one of the things I love about Catholicsm, even if I weren't entering religious life, is the community aspect of it. The focus on the common good. The recognition that God put us here together, to sort through this thing called life together, to celebrate life together, as the Body of Christ. It's not about me and Jesus, but me and you and us through in and for Christ. Pretty damn amazing if you pardon my French.

On that note ... off for some community!

Peace Out and Happy Saturday to you all!!!


Talmida said...

Well said, Susan! I agree. There is a place for solitary meditation, but the norm for Christianity strikes me as being communal.

Any chance you'd expand your thoughts on this when you have the time?


Bryan said...

Thanks for stopping by Susan! I've been reading your blog for sometime.