why do I feel like I cheated?

Ok, so it's Friday night. I'm slightly brain dead. I took this blog quiz. To see at which point you will sell out, it asks you lots of "For 10 million dollars, would you ...." questions. But the only one I answered yes to was "For ten million dollars, would you give up sex for life?." Interesting seeing as in a few years I'm looking at taking a vow of both celibacy AND poverty!!!

On Average, You Would Sell Out For


But the main question I'm left is ... what types of google searches will this result in????


Lorem ipsum said...

$1,084,347 here. I did answer that I'd run over the dog. I figure I can pay off the family. I'd also spike Thanksgiving (but only after collecting car keys). Would I get $20M then?

I was going to say that I'm disappointed in you, but the fact is that you've taken a valid religious vow and the questions definitely seem to be unequally weighted. (Maybe you ARE selling out for $33K, over the course of your life?)

leonora afuyog said...

$1,118,111. The three big bowls of spiders was just too tempting to pass up.

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

I seriously thought about the spiders but then I thought .... what do I need 10 million dollars for???

Now, if it was eat this bowl of spiders or we're blowing up the world ... then I'd think about it!

Gord said...

I said no to all and got $1,123,950. THe spiders were tempting but then I realized that in the end I really am not sure I actually want the ten million. A mere 100 000 lump sum would satisfy me right now.