my worlds collide

Well folks .... there's a very good chance that my worlds are colliding today. Those worlds being my professional/political self and my personal/religious self. What is it they say about not mixing religion and politics??

If the article that I think may be published today is in fact published, I'll post a link here so my bloggy friends have a clue what this random post is all about.

If you happened upon this here humble spot in the blogosphere as a result of my worlds colliding, welcome! Yep, this is my not so secret identity. Nope, you won't find any scoops here related to my paying job. My professional ethics convinced me a long time ago not to blog about work (other than the ocassional post about it's personal effect on me or life lessons learned).

But if you were surprised by the news that this local bureaucrat is chucking the glamour of red tape and becoming a Catholic Sister, feel free to browse. To take a peek into the inner workings of the mind of a woman who is discerning a religious vocation, you might want to start here.

And in case you were wondering ... yes people do in fact still do this.

Peace, Susan

Update - You can read the article here. In the print version, there's a fairly stereotypical photo of a nun in habit. It is of course NOT me (maybe I'd consider wearing a habit if I could be that thin!). This move will result in many changes in my life, but a change of fashion is not one of them (no habit). This picture is much more indicative of my future - it's from a peace march in DC last fall.



Kari Chisholm said...

Who knew? I'll be checking out the blog...

Oh, and the story is online now. Scroll down halfway.

great sandwich! said...

susan, you rock. i'm proud to be your friend.

Lisa said...

So who are the "groovy Sisters" in the photo?

Congrats on good press coverage, too! A powerful witness... :)

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

Lisa - Holding the sign left to right are moi, Sr. Sheila Lemieux(Congregation Leader)and Sr. Terry Donohue (Asst Congregation Leader).

GS - thanks my friend. It is your fault I'm even Catholic after all.

Kari - Glad to have you drop by. Thanks for the link. I've got it in the post now too. You never know what folks are up to in their private lives, do you??

Christine said...

You go, Girl. Love the photo.

seeking_something said...

umm...is this a major newspaper? It reads more like one of the smaller alternative type publications. C'mon, you didn't want to stick around and continue the living hell of your glamorous job? Wow, who'd thought?