continuing on the path to groovy sisterhood

When I started this blog I’d finally decided that yes, there was a good chance God has a wicked sense of humor and was calling me to religious life. But to which community? I was yearning for a sorting hat for religious life, while all along in my heart I knew that God was calling me to be a Sister of St. Joseph of Peace. The CSJP charism of social justice as a path to peace matches so clearly the call I feel in my heart. And they’re just so .. well … groovy! It just took my head a while to catch up with my heart.

The journey since has been well documented on this blog, in my honest yet slightly neurotic style. In February 2005 I became a pre-candidate, last summer I started the arduous application process to become a candidate, in September I became a candidate and started weekend groovy sister reserves, in January/February of this year I wrote my mid-year reflection and met with my formation director/mentor to talk about how it’s going, and last Sunday on St. Joseph’s special day, I wrote my formal letter asking to start the application process for the novitiate. (How’s that for a run-on sentence!!?).

That’s my path so far to groovy sisterhood. Today I got a letter back in the mail from my formation director affirming my request to move forward in my application to the Novitiate. She’ll be sending letters to my 4 Sister housemates and 3 other Sisters I suggested to get their reflections on my life in community. I’ve got to get cracking on my written reflection … I’ve got another rather large list to chew on. I’m going to let it all sit for a week or two before I put finger to keyboard. And on May 13 I’ll be meeting with the province leadership to discern whether I should be admitted to the Novitiate (which would start September 8th in New Jersey).

By the way, don’t know if I mentioned it here yet but next weekend I’m headed to New Jersey on a not so secret spy mission to meet the east-coast groovy sisters, check out the novitiate location, and get a general feel for the place.

But in the meantime, it’s a rare weekend at home in Portland, during which much long neglected housework needs to be done.

Peace Out


Jonathan St.Andre, T.O.R. said...

Wonderful to hear how God is moving you. You will continue to be in my prayers.

Anonymous said...


Aaron said...

Thanks for your blog, it's enlightening to read about someone making such a radical decision in living out their spirituality. I had heard that there was an upswing in people entering the religious orders, and I like hearing a personal story, as opposed to sociological perspectives. I pray for you to find the truly grooviest path to God.

Lisa said...

Will have any freetime while you are on the East Coast?

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

Lisa (and other NJ/NY area bloggy friends) - I think I've got a pretty full agenda during this weekend spy mission, but I do hope to get to meet you in person when I'm back east full time starting in the fall! How great to have a ready made network of bloggy friends in the area!

Richard said...

Congrats on moving to the next level in pursuit of groovyness! I pray for you to receive abundant graces in your ongoing discernment.

Lisa said...

Understood, Susan, absolutely! You will have a whole circle of support when you come East to stay a while :)

Enjoy the quick trip! I am sure you'll be meeting quite a few of the wonderful CSJPs I know, too. I look forward to hearing about the trip when you return "home."

Peace and blessings!