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One of the added bonuses of groovy sister reserves is that, being in a different City, I get to read a different paper. It's always good in my opinion to have access to different perspectives and stories. In today's Seattle Times there's a cover story about "new monastic" communities. I know some of my non-Catholic (and some newly Catholic!) bloggy friends have been involved in this movement. For those who aren't familiar, here's a snipet but you can read the article here. As someone discerning a more traditional form of religious community, I do find this intriguing.

But it appears the formation of new Christian living communities is on the upswing, particularly among younger evangelicals who are not rigid about doctrines or denominational lines.

Some are considered part of a nascent movement among younger Christians called "the new monasticism," which emphasizes community, common worship and activities, and helping the poor.

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A said...

I'm guessing I must be the "newly Catholic" bloggy friend "neo-monastic" you refer to. :)

Or do you know others?