On the road through life ... on the road to Life

I love this time after Easter when we read the Acts of the Apostles. In those early days, they were all still filled I think with that fearful yet overjoyed feeling. But the Spirit was with them, they had great faith, and they were able to do some amazing things (like today’s healing story near the Beautiful Gate). These are real people, and yet …

Back to 2006, I’ve still got a lot of messy (insert appropriate off-color word) to deal with at work. When I came back to the office yesterday from my mini-vacation, I was feeling centered and grounded and a woman of peace. I can do this I thought. As the day went along, this feeling was grounded all right …. grounded down to the raw feeling of not wanting to deal with it any more. It’s too much responsibility, people are too hyped up and overly sensitized to every possible false move, and I’m just stressed out.

This morning when I woke up I had the thought …. oh no, not another day. Which was followed with the thought, yes another day, and I am blessed to be able to walk along on this journey, humbly in the company of my loving creator, risen Lord and life giving Spirit. The thing is, when I open myself up to that reality, then everything IS ok. It’s when I close myself off to that mysterious reality and instead wallow in my own self-contained pity (kind of like the two on the Road to Emmaus) it’s all so very daunting.

Real life lessons from scripture. Who’d have thunk?

For the record, like with most of this blog, I’m recording this realization here to share it with you all. But really it’s just for me as a reminder because I KNOW I’ll get swept up in my self-contained pity again and maybe this being here in the blogopshere will help to get me back on track to what really matters in life.

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