When I was a little girl, I used to do what little girls do and raid my mother's jewelry box. In particular I loved two big silver bracelets. They weren't really a pair and didn't match, but when I would put them on I'd instantly be transformed into ... Wonder Woman!
When my mom died, the task of sorting through her jewelry fell to me. After all, I was used to pawing through her things! My sister told me she wanted this beautiful silver bracelet from Columbia. I said ok … until I saw what it was. It was one of my wonder woman bracelets! I found the other one (which was really not as beautiful), and told her the story of little Susan jumping off my parents' bed to save the world. My story won out … and I am now the proud owner of the pair.

On days like today when I need that extra little "oomph" to make it through the battles of daily life, I like to wear the beautiful Columbian silver bracelet. It reminds me of my mom and it gives me a gentle reminder that I have a source of the inner strength, peace and grace that I need to make it through. And no, it doesn't come from the magic powers of my wonder woman bracelet, but from the source of all being. The bracelet just serves as a touch stone.

Today I'm wearing the bracelet not just for me, but for my friend S who is traveling to visit his brother who is ill with cancer, for M who is in a far off land asking his love to marry him, for little Gigi's parents who continue to face the harsh reality of a very sick child. May God be present to us all, and may we be present to God.

Now if I just had my own invisible jet!


Lisa said...

Those treasures are priceless!

Sixtina87 said...

Hey Susan, since when i am not apart of the Sister Bloggers??? Evidently my blog isn't on the site anymore and I am not a mod is posting about the ring. What happened?? I still want to be apart of it!!! email me on it!!!