reserve weekend

The article outing my "Bureaucrat running away to convent" status (which I will officially stop writing about now) said that I spend "two weekends a month living with nuns." Jesuit bloggy friend Mark Mossa long ago dubbed this experience "Groovy Sister Reserves." "Living with nuns" doesn't quite do justice to the experience. Every two weeks or thereabouts, I get to whisk myself up to Seattle for a 3 day weekend and hang out with four very groovy sisters. We pray together, eat together and have fun together. My room has a view of the cascades across Lake Washington. I get to go for walks in the neighborhood where my friend Tom grew up. And usually I get to head over to groovy sister hq for something or other (this time it's to chat Sr. Susan about website stuff). But first, hi ho hi ho it's off to work I go. But after work, I report for duty.

Peace to you all. I'm sure I'll check in over the weekend.


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Emily said...

I've been late in catching up with your posts--whew!

I love how in the article, certain terms are in quotation marks, "candidate," "novice." It sort of implies the reporter is not entirely sure these things really exist. . .