unreal world

Over dinner last night Omis & I discussed the concept of religious formation/novitiate as the subject of a Real World type show. Well, the place I'm staying (interestingly enough a seminary) has cable tv and tonight after watching West Wing I caught a bit of a reality special on A&E called "God or the Girl" about young men discerning priesthood.

Not quite the same as what I was joking about, but funny that it's a day later. The show was interesting, but highlights how people just don't get the concept of vocation. (Clarification - it's not that the guys discerning don't get it. They're saying yes to exploring! Mainly it illustrated to me how the world doesn't know what to make of the choice). That's worth a whole other post, but I'm tired and so you'll just have to imagine what brilliant things I'd say.

UPDATE: Read Jenn for an analysis. She says the brilliant things I was going to say much better (and funnier). And some things I definitely thought but didn't have the guts to write. Omis & Mark have good comments as well. If nothing else, the show has people thinking, "Wow, people still do his." And that in itself is a very good thing. You'll all have to let me know how it turns out, as I alas don't have cable tv.

It's been a good trip to DC. Good visits with my Dad & sister and some friends. Back to Portland tomorrow and back to work Tuesday where who knows what awaits. I'm choosing to delay thinking about it a bit longer.

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