Well my friends, I have just been through one doozy of a week! I don't blog specifcs about my job here, but let's just say I have been weathering one heck of a storm! Intrigue, controversy, publicity, inner and outer politics and little old me just trying to do my job and keep calm.

So I'm very glad it's Friday. To make it even better, I'm waking up in the wee hours of the morning to drive up North for a much needed (if shortened) weekend of groovy sister reserves. I've got a formation meeting in the morning on Saturday and then will spend the afternoon/evening with my house. A much needed community fix!


Lorem ipsum said...

You know, despite a political science degree, the thing that taught me about real-world politics the MOST was working for a nonprofit.

Enjoy your weekend, doing what YOU want to do with the people YOU want to see!

Lisa said...

Enjoy--and fill up with peace!

Paula said...

Have a blessed holy week and much peace.