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Taking advantage of the free WiFi at PDX airport. I've got a red eye flight to DC. The main purpose of the trip is to visit my Dad. I'm staying with my friend and former pastor at the Paulist Seminary (aka "Paulist Hilton") so it will be great to catch up with him. He's a major player in how I find myself on this wonderful crazy journey. Hoping to catch at least part of Triduum with Omis of Higher Plane fame at his parish. And as I said the main purpose of the trip is to visit with my Dad who I haven't seen since my last trip to DC in September, I'll be spending the bulk of the time with him. My sister Monica is going to be in town too so there will be much family bonding.

But first it's the red eye flight, which as I managed to get an exit row seat, I might be able to actually sleep on! I go back and forth on the value and efficacy of the red eye. It takes a whole day to fly east otherwise, and if you manage to sleep at all on the plane the red eye is a good plan.

We'll see. I'm leaving an almost managed mess at work, so we'll see what I return to. I've been getting some good feedback and support in the wake of what was a very public and unmanaged mess so that's been good. It will be good to get away.

I'm sure I'll check in over the weekend. But just in case, here's wishing all my bloggy friends a blessed Holy Week and a very Happy Easter.

Peace Out


ShadowMayhem said...

you might be able to catch the last bit of the cherry blossems....

"omis" said...

I can't stand red-eyes--neither working them nor riding them. I'd rather take a day, or leave first thing in the morning. I'm so tired after one that next day is shot anyhow.