ABC meme

Mark tagged me so here goes .... all about me in ABCs (except that certain letters are missing!)

Accent: My brother claims after 16 years in Oregon, I have a Northwestern accent – whatever that is
Chore I Hate: Cleaning the shower
Dog or Cat: They’re both nice to play with, but neither as a pet
Essential Electronics: Laptop Computer
Favorite Cologne(s): lavender scented lotion
Gold or Silver: Silver (in fact, I’m happy the groovy sister peace cross and rings are silver, not Gold!)
Hometown: Bowie, MD (born in DC)
Insomnia: Most recently on my spy mission to New Jersey … on occasion and it is stres induced
Job Title: City Elections Officer/Management Analyst (soon to be groovy novice)
Kids: four nieces, two nephews, one godson, one goddaughter
Living arrangements: During the week I live alone, on weekends I live with 4 sisters in Seattle
Most admirable trait: honesty … something I strive for
Overnight hospital stays: Jaw surgery my junior year in high school … much pain.
Phobias: I used to have a fear that I’d become paranoid schizophrenic (seriously … it all stems from an after school special I saw in 4th grade)
Quote: You have been told, O people, what is good, and what Yahweh asks of you: Only this, to act justly, to love tenderly, and to walk humbly with your God. - Michah 6:8
Religion: Roman Catholic
Siblings: Two older brothers and two older sisters (yes, I am the baby)
Time I wake up: 5:45 if I don’t have to work, 6:30 if I do have to work (and I’m always late) … interesting, eh?
Unusual talent or skill: I can rearrange a packed freezer and find loads of room
Vegetable I refuse to eat: not a big fan of cauliflower, but I've been known to eat it
Worst habit: Talking over people
X-rays: At the dentist sometimes
Yummy stuff I cook: Spinach Lasagna, Crusty Fettuccine puff, chocolate chip cookies, bagels, lentil and brown rice soup, broccoli salad

Tagging Lisa and Estefania


Mark Mossa, SJ said...

Hah! Didn't even notice the alphabet thing!

Afterschool specials . . . source of many a childhood trauma!

Lisa said...

I got your tag and posted my replies.

"omis" said...

Try these missing letters:

Beer in a bottle, or beer in a can,

Neatnik, and


Susan Rose, CSJP said...

Beer ... in a tall glass, from draft ... preferably a microbrew

Neatnik ... No!

Zaftig ... I had to look up the word, but yes, one might say I am pleasantly plump.

Estefanía said...

Meme answered ;)