Greetings from Seattle! I'm here for an extra weekend of groovy sister reserves as we had a formation meeting yesterday. Every few months, those of us discerning becoming Sisters join with those who are discerning becoming lay Associates of the community. Yesterday was an extra special formation meeting as it was a "Community Day" and all were invited. The topic was the history of our congregation.

The best part about the day was when our Groovy Provincial invited Sisters to share bits of their knowledge and own stories. A common theme in the stories I heard yesterday was the presence of the Spirit as some spunky women trusted that all would be well, jumping into unkown and sometimes crazy situations. The novitiate stories were especially this way .... which gives me some comfort knowing I'm following in the footsteps of a long line of crazy ... I mean groovy ... women.

I was a history minor in college and a result love this kind of stuff. But the best type of history is the real life stories of real people. I'm looking forward to delving deeper into our groovy history next year. I'll be right across the park from our Congregation Archives!

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