more history ... of the personal kind

The other day I was flipping through my Catholic paper and saw that the little girl I was a nanny for in college is now valedictorian of one of our more prestigious local Catholic high schools! A shocker ... both that the little 5 year old girl I knew is old enough to be valedictorian and that she's graduating from a Catholic high school - if I remember correctly her family was basically agnostic, although this is Portland. I was not surprised that the imaginative little girl who had question after question had grown up to become a bright and accomplished young woman. Very cool, even if it makes me feel old.

Last week I shared my novitiate news via e-mail with a wide array of folks, including my high school principal. Looking back, one clue that maybe I had a vocation was that I always remembered and wanted to keep in touch with her. She was (and is) a fairly groovy sister herself. She too has moved on to bigger and better things - she's now the Provincial of her
community! I've kept her up to date on my journey. She e-mailed me back today. I got the feeling that she was not surprised that the imaginative young woman she knew who had question after question has grown up to (hopefully) become a Sister. Very cool, even if it makes both of us feel old.

And in the making history category ... I got my letter from Sister Sheila today officially sharing the news that I'm accepted to the Novitiate which begins September 8th. As
Omis shared part of his acceptance letter from the Jesuits, I thought I'd share a bit of mine: "May you continue to know God's love in abundance, personally, as you journey through the ambiguities and questions of this transition time in your life. Your person and life give testimony to the charism of our Congregation, Peace through Justice. We invite you to continue to walk with us as we break open the depths of what the charism signifies in our lives and in our world."


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