quoting me to me

I'm going through some old paperwork at work on the new system I've been developing. I just found an e-mail I wrote to someone who was one of the first "guinea-pigs" of the program. As the first to navigate the system, they identified many areas for improvement and had question after question. In response I wrote …

"Thanks for the input! I'm afraid the downside of being a pioneer in the system is that you're helping to identify the problems. We're not necessarily fixing them in time to be helpful to you."

That quote could so completely be the groovy sisters in response to my questions and suggestions about our new congregation formation program (in the past each province had their own novitiate … I'm hoping to be one of 3 novices in a new congregation wide novitiate program). My overly analytical (slightly neurotic) mind has been asking question after question and suggesting areas for improvement.

This quote from me to me is a good reminder that yes, I am a pioneer and yes, I will notice things. During my conversation with the province team Saturday I was encouraged to continue asking the questions and sharing my ideas … but just like I told this person at work …. just because I can help identify the problems doesn't mean they'll be fixed in time to be helpful to me!!

But all will be well, the holy spirit is with us and God is definitely in the mix!

Ok, coffee break over … back to work for me.


Susan D said...

There's something very delightful about those moments when some past voice of you becomes a spiritual advisor to your present self!

Do you know Teresa of Avila's advice? Let nothing disturb you, let nothing frighten you. Who has God lacks nothing. Only God is enough.

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

I thought you'd appreciate that, Susan!!!

I just about died laughing when I came across that today.