tomato sighting ... or is it tomatoe?

We interrupt this serious business of chronicling the daily life of a novice for an update on my movie boyfriend (couresy of Estefania).
"What on Earth is Ewan McGregor doing? Ewan McGregor and Judi Dench took Londoners by surprise when they dressed up as a lobster and a tomato for Kevin Spacey's first TV ad for Film Four."
You know a certain someone is your movie boyfriend (or I suppose it holds true for those of you who have movie girlfriends) when you love them no matter how they're dressed. Or how bad the movie is for that matter.

I once watched an entire documentary on PBS about polar bears not because I was interested in the plight of said bears, but because Ewan McGregor was the narrator.

And yes, even nuns can have movie boyfriends! At least I hope so!

Help me Obi-Wan-Kenobe. You are my only tomato.


Anonymous said...

"No tomatoe rain is intended" :D

Signed: the "root"

Michelle said...

LOL - oh my goodness, this so made me laugh. Both the picture and the "movie boyfriend" concept. I like it. My sister and I have our "fifty-hottest-guys list" in which Ewan McGregor is a member. Ya know, sorta admiring God's handiwork in a sense. ;)

Katie said...

I am glad to hear you haven't dumped Ewan. God's seen him so I'm sure He completely understands! I think my new movie boyfriend is either Tom Welling (Clark Kent) or Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor) from Smallville. Damn the library for feeding all my addictions!

Susan Rose Francois, CSJP said...

Yeah Turtle Lady!!! Thanks for stopping by!

And yes, I think God totally understands about me & Ewan!