life in the convent

We're having two sisters over for dinner tonight ... our first dinner guests after moving in 3 weeks ago.

After lunch I went outside and found some fall leaves to decorate the table, and then I set the table (someone else is cooking). Then I decided to head to the exercise room and squeeze in a workout. I'm trying to fit this into my schedule ever day we're home.

All went well. I headed back to our house. Made it into the bathroom, more than ready for a shower. No water. Not only is there no water in my bathroom, there's no water in the novitiate house or the motherhouse next door.

Eeek!! They're working on the problem, but I sure hope it gets turned back on before dinner time.

In the mean time, I think I'll stay in my room and spend some time looking at the tree outside my window.

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Susan Rose Francois, CSJP said...

Well, the water didn't come on before dinner. Luckily the person doing the cooking was smart enough to start way early so dinner was ok. And the water came on in time for us to wash the dishes after dinner.

But as to me and my need for a post exercise shower before visitng with our guests? Well, it could have been worse. For a little bit one of the bathrooms downstairs had a teeny tiny trickle of water in the sink. So I was able to get presentable.

Makes you appreciate working plumbing though. There are so many people around the globe without reliable access to clean water.