firsts in the house

Last Thursday we had our first dinner guests at the Novitiate House. Tonight we had our second dinner guest, which was also preceded by a wonderful first.

Our house has a small chapel. It's the perfect size for the 5 of us to gather for morning & evening prayer. It's also just the right space to spend some alone time with the big guy as I did earlier this afternoon. But tonight we discovered that it's a cozy place for liturgy as well. We're blessed that one of our groovy Associates is also a priest and has been kind enough to gift us with his time and presence on a regular basis. (He also gave a retreat for groovy sisters and associates a few weeks back.) Tonight was our first liturgy in the Novitiate House. I'm sure there have been liturgies in our Chapel at some point in this house's previous incarnations, but this was our first and thus deserves to be documented.

We're off to our Intercommunity Novitiate classes early in the morning. I'll probably check in Thursday or Friday ...

Peace Out my bloggy friends

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Anonymous said...

Susan, Your are really good! Getting a comment up before the "groovy associate" got home. It was great joining all of you at both tables and I look forward to next week!