No Susan, you can't be tribal leader

Thanks to Penni for pointing me in the direction of The Bored-Again Christian, a music podcast self described as:

The Music
All BAC music meets the following criteria:

Podsafe: Music is a) by independent artists, b) artists have given their permission and/or waived licensing/royalty requirements to have the music played on the podcast or c) music has been made public by the artist for free download (MySpace, Purevolume, etc.).

Godsafe: Music is by Christian artists or otherwise contains a message consistent with Christ.

Boring: Post-contemporary music that extends beyond traditional praise and worship and is held to a higher standard of aesthetic appeal.

Ultimately, this is music that sounds good to me. And it'll sound good to you, too.

I downloaded podcast 45 and I'd have to agree ... this is music that sounds good to me. In itunes the description comes up as "Where Christian music gets saved." I've never been one for "Christian" music. Christine recently sent me an awesome care package with 3 CDS filled with great music, much of it "Christian" in nature. And now this. Maybe I'd short-changed a genre?

As to the title of this post ... that's a line from Wilderness by Shapes & Sizes.

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Anonymous said...

Check out www,fscc-calledtobe.org. They feature a free download every month of an great song