A few months ago I subjected you, my bloggy readership, to some prose I wrote as a 14 year old. Twenty years later I find myself writing poetry. Don't know why, but it's been coming out of my prayer & solitude time. I've found it hard to put this experience of Novitiate into words, especially now as I zero in on the one month mark. So I give you a poem. No claim that it's any good, just that it comes from my heart and says more than I can say about this time.


and follow me
into the depths of your heart
where you will find my love.

Rest in my love
Come to know me deeply
but be warned.

In the depths you will also find
Your Demons
fighting desperately to keep you fighting,
fighting away my peace, love and joy.

Come. Rest.
Take me up on my invitation
to use
this time
to be
in my love.

There is so much to do. Yes
you might do things differently. Yes
it can all wait. The world will not fall apart in your absence.

But still, I tell you
follow me
rest awhile in my love.


Anonymous said...

WOW Sr. Susan... WOW.

That really spoke to me. I can't explain it but it did.

Lisa said...

Yes, it's very moving and (being a composer) as I read it began to feel a melody for it... Keep on writing! (and sharing, please). :)

Susan said...

Lisa is right about the rhythm. Thank you for sharing this, Susan. And keep on treasuring the time and the journey.

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's good!

lorem ipsum said...

Very beautiful, Susan.