I had visitors today ... my Dad and his friend Liz. They were spending the week at a timeshare in the Poconos about two hours from here, and decided to make the trek to get a quick tour of my current universe and take me out to lunch. It was a nice visit. We went to a seafood restaurant with a view of Manhattan that I scoped out on our way back from the ferry yesterday. I think it was good for Dad to see where I am, meet the folks I'm with and ask his questions.

Tonight we had a little "soiree" next door hosted by our groovy big-shot visitors. Our Congregation Council is meeting here this week - the Congregation leaders, 3 Provincials and one councilor from each province. They hosted a get together for the Sisters who live here and invited the Novitiate Community as well. Lots of great stories were shared.

Tomorrow night we're having the Congregation Council over to our house for dinner. We're excited for the opportunity for our first big dinner party and have been getting ready. Hence, when my Dad came today my tour was spiced with "Normally this room wouldn't have a prayer space displayed in the middle with 15 chairs around it" - that was the living room - or "Normally this room wouldn't have 2 dining tables."

So as you can see, it's been a busy week. Good thing we didn't have classes this week - it's our fall break!

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