seeking yoda

My brother & I share a special bond ... a love of Star Wars. There is so much to be learned from Star Wars. The power of good to overcome the reality of evil to name one.

Star Wars can also be a helpful paradigm for understanding the Novitiate experience. Novitiate is kind of like Luke's need to go to Dagobah and learn the ways of the force. Yes there was much in the galaxy that needed to be done, but he needed to spend some time away in a lonely place, to deepen his well of integrity and to follow his inner journey.

As Star Wars geeks ... I mean fans ... know, he was not alone on the journey. He had Master Yoda there to guide him and teach him the ways of the Force. Oftentimes Yoda was perched on Luke's back as Luke learned the lessons he needed to follow.

Today I received my very own master Yoda in the mail from my groovy brother. Here he is sitting on my desk chair ... but he's a backpack! I too can carry Yoda on my back as I learn the ways of the force of peace and love that comes from the source of all being. Too cool!

Thanks Big Brother!

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Christine said...

there is no try... only do.