A groovy thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! This is my 2nd Groovy Turkey Day. Last year I was with my Groovy Sister Reserves Community in Seattle. This year of course I'm with my Groovy Novitiate Community in New Jersey. Who would have thought?? Our kitchen was a hotbed of activity yesterday. Lots of chopping and mixing and other assorted turkey day prep tasks. We're having 5 folks over for dinner today. We're also having liturgy in the house with our groovy priest friend before dinner (hi Terry!). He is of course one of the aforementioned 5 dinner guests. Lots to be thankful for this year. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Lisa said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Many blessings, too!! What a grace to celebrate first at the Eucharistic table and then go to the table of thanksgiving!

Susan said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Susan! May the year ahead be full of graced table gatherings and many good gifts.