postcard from not quite on the edge

Thanks to everyone who responded to my edgey post either in the comments or by holding me in prayer.

I thought I'd post a quick non-update before I head away from the computer for a few days - we head to our Intercommunity Novitiate program in the morning. Don't want my bloggy friends thinking that I've gone over the edge!

Sometimes I find that I need to get to the breaking point before I can see the light. I think that's a universal truism as well as being a cliche. What I'm also beginning to have drilled into my head by my lovingly persistent and mischevious God is that life is cyclical. I will have freak outs again, just as I will have aha moments and those moments - like now - of being ok not knowing. As one of our presenters said a few weeks ago, "authentic humility is to learn to live with the discomfort of what is unfinished in me." It's helpful for me from time to time to remind myself that I am God's work of art. At the moment I'm feeling more like a formless blob, but God's still working and at the moment at least I'm feeling more able to trust in that.

Peace Out,

(The postcard is from Fort Lee, NJ - the neighboring town where I went grocery shopping earlier today!)

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you are feeling better! Your "edgey" post was normal. Like you said, not everyday is wine & roses.

Waving hello to you from NJ. I grew up in Palisades Park, one of the neighboring towns near Fort Lee & Leonia. I'm about 12 miles from EC. For your future reference, there is an awesome Catholic gift shop in Fort Lee, you may have already been there. But if you haven't, let me know & I'll give you the info.

God bless you as you continue your novitiate journey! It is a pleasure reading your posts and thank you for sharing your journey with us!