Deck the Halls

Operation Groovy Christmas Caroling has been completed. The Novitiate House Community (along with our Groovy Congregation Leader Sr. Sheila and Dorothy our novice-to-be) made a special afternoon visit to our Infirmary to sing Christmas Carols to our sick and infirm Sisters. It was great fun. We "Decked the Halls" with our singing and gave each of the Sisters one of the Gingerbread Angel Cookies I made the other day. It was such fun, and you tell how much they enjoyed the visit.

It's been a good and groovy Christmas. Christmas Eve liturgy with the Senior Sisters was wonderful. We had a little party afterwards, and when we headed next door to the Novitiate House it turned out Santa had come for a visit! We opened the presents (we'd picked "Secret Santas") that were under the tree. This morning we had a big Christmas Breakfast and then liturgy followed by Christmas Dinner next door with the Sisters. Followed by Operation Groovy Christmas Caroling. Then back home for calls to my family. Followed by a yummy pick up supper. A good day.

Hope all my bloggy friends had a safe and happy Christmas.



Unknown said...

Well a groovy Christmas to you. Hope it is a good one for you. Hope you also are able to raise the money for Heifer.

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a groovy Feast of Holy Innocents. My friends in another novitiate say that they have a great time. It's their "time to party on." :)


Steph Youstra said...

Glad it was good! Blessings on your year.

Anonymous said...

You are great with keeping up with the Novitiate news...try to relax and enjoy the alone time!