turkey sighting

I was washing out my coffee cup this morning when I heard a squack/screech. I looked up and saw two wild turkeys running. It looked like they were having a race through the parking lot. We have wild turkeys on the property, but usually they're justing taking a casual stroll not a full forced run!

I share this tidbit with you, my bloggy friends, because there's no one else to tell. You see, my Novitiate Community members went hither and yon the day after Christmas. I'm saving my home visit for my brother's wedding in February. Hence, I've got the house to myself.

I'll admit it feels a little more odd than I would have expected, seeing as I lived alone for umpteen years. After 4 months, I guess I've gotten used to having folks around all the time.

Not to worry though ... if I get lonely there's loads of lovely Sisters next door. And everybody starts trickling back on Saturday. In the meantime I plan to sit in the living room, listen to music, and get some reading done. It's a whole different experience than reading in my own room!


Lisa said...

Ennoy the rarity of quiet aloneness with God!

Anonymous said...

just catching up a bit ... I see it's grooviness all around here ... congrats on the Heifer Intl project ... moooooo!