Groovy Christmas Part Deux

Your Holiday Stress Level Is Low

You take it easy over the holidays, and you only take on what you can handle. You know the holidays are about celebrating and fun - not standing in line at the mall!
It's hard to believe that it's a year since my first groovy Christmas! This year, we're spending Christmas here at the Novitiate House. It will be a fairly simple affair. We'll spend some time on our own here at the house, but will be joining the Sisters next door for liturgy and Christmas dinner. I'm hopeful that while we will miss being with family, we'll be able to enjoy spending the holiday with our Novitiate Community. Of course the other highlight for me is that we're basically on vacation. The day after Christmas the rest of the house is scattering hither and yon to visit with family. I'm saving my "home visit" for my brother's wedding in February ... which means I get some time to myself. I won't really be alone since there's loads of Sisters next door. But I am looking forward to the time to read and just be. It seems like we've been so busy lately!

That said, my Christmas stress is indeed low. The last of my cards went in the mail today (yes they'll be late, but oh well). Gifts for family were made and sent. Modest gifts for under our tree have been procured/made and wrapped. All that's left for this weekend is to make some Christmas cookies and other confections for us to enjoy.

I'm sure I'll be checking in over the weekend. But if not, I'd like to wish all my bloggy friends a blessed, safe and enjoyable Christmas.

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Susan said...

Merry Christmas, Susan. Enjoy the quiet and peace.

Anonymous said...

Sounds a lot like my own Christmas. I refused two invitations to dinner, knowing I need the solitude and rest. Our Chapel community Midnight Mass and reveillon (party after Midnight Mass, a Quebec tradition) will more than suffice. Relax into the silence and be! Have a Merry Christmas, Susan.

Steve Bogner said...

I'm too stressed to see what my results would be(!) This is my absolutely most busy, stressful time of year.

But anyway....

Merry Christmas!