my nephew sid

My nephew Sid, or more accurately my CAT nephew Sid, went to kitty heaven today. My first real nephew Brendan went to college this Fall ... Sid was a few months older than Brendan and my first nephew, even if of the feline kind.

In High School I used to spend the weekends with my big brother Michael in Baltimore. I'd wake up and Sid would be sleeping on my chest (I of course have ashtma so that was always fun!). He was a fun little energetic kitty in those days.

Sid made the move with Michael to California a number of years ago. He'd always be there to welcome me with an energetic "meow" whenever I came to visit. Now of course I was armed with allergy & asthma medicine, ready to snuggle with my cat nephew. As the years went by he was less energetic but just as fun.

My brother met a lovely woman from Romania a few years ago. This past spring they were engaged and started the paper work for her to get her visa to come to the US. Michael has been telling Sid about Carina for months now as he prepared for her arrival. She arrived on Thursday ... Sid died the next day. As my brother said in his email: "We decided he was probably holding on for so long just to meet Carina, who I have been telling him about every night for months; Sid was a very good listener. Now that he's passed me on to her, he's taken off for kitty heaven. He had a good life, and he'll be missed."

Yes he did, and yes he will. So long Sid ... I'll miss my cat nephew!

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Anonymous said...

I knew Sid. He was Mike's guardian cat. Indeed he will be missed....