When God Said Ha!!

Julie's got a post on her blog titled "what motivates a person to become a nun." Good question, and one that I suppose is the underlying theme of THIS entire blog. In any case, there was a line in her post that jumped out at me:
I decided I’d check out the religious thing just to say “been there, done that”

Ditto. I'm sure I've told this story here before, but let's recap. I had a successful career that I couldn't care less about and I was very active in justice and peace ministry at my church which I loved. At one point it dawned on me (with the help of some angels in disguise) that maybe I should think about what that meant. What if I could find a way to integrate my work and spiritual life? How awesome would that be? I decided to check out the religious life thing so I could cross it off my list and move on to more realistic possibilities. I mean, me, a nun? How silly would that be? But that's when "God said Ha!," to quote Julia Sweeney. 'Cause it turned out, silly/crazy/or not, that what I found was a community and life where I made sense. I found home.

Of course, I'm still in discernment. And God keeps finding ways to pepper my life with those "funny" moments that sometimes stop me in my tracks. But even in this liminal space of the Novitiate, where I am not living the life I had and haven't quite transitioned to the life God has in store, I still feel at home at the deep level. Where it counts.


Anonymous said...

Ditto for me, too. I like that..."God said HA!"

Anonymous said...

Well put, Susan. Your peace is palpable.