Turning Two

My blog turns two years old this weekend. Last year, I wrote on my first blogiversay:
It's been a year. I've had approximately 15,000 visits ... And while I still haven’t found the "What should Susan do with her life" website, I guess I’ve created a "What Susan is doing with her life website" which for some reason you’re reading. And you know what, it has helped me along the journey.
Since then, my Site Meter has climbed to the 40,000 visit range. I've taken the huge step of becoming "Sr. Susan" and moved to New Jersey for Novitiate. My blog has changed a bit ... less humorous anecdotes and social/political commentary, more angsty posts about being in this time of novitiate that's not a time and this place that's not a place.

There's also a bit more pressure to writing the blog these days. For one thing, I keep meeting people who read the blog and quote me to me. That's an odd experience, but then I am the one who blogs (some of) my innermost thoughts. For another thing, I'm "Sister Susan" now and I suppose that comes with some responsibility. And to further complicate things, my world is now very small and contains very few people, which makes it extra important for me to share my story only and protect the privacy of those that share my daily existence.

Put it all together and it's a writers' challenge. I sometimes wonder what I'll think of this blogging experiment in the decades to come. Will I be grateful to the Novicey Me for documenting this time? Or will I think to myself, "What was I thinking!!"? Only time will tell.

What I do know is that I am very grateful to my mischevious and persistent God for helping me to find the courage to say yes, to Margaret Anna Cusack for founding such a groovy community of Sisters, and to the groovy Sisters themselves for keeping the vision and welcoming me into their family. Being a Novice is challenging, but I know in my heart of hearts that this is what I'm supposed to be doing right now.

In the mean time, welcome to my bloggy world. If you're a new visitor, you might want to check out the drop down menus on the side bar for some more notable posts. I've also got a Frequently Asked Question page that explains some of what I'm doing with my life. Of course, I'm still trying to figure that out myself!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! As I read your posting today, I was thinking about whether St. Therese of Lisieux every thought that her little memoir of her religious life intended for her family, would be read all over the world. I'm sure you'll laugh at the comparison,but she would probably be a blogger if she were alive today. So keep at it - you're in good company!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on making it this far. I'm glad you are here.

Lisa said...

Happy Bloggerversary!
Happy Bloggerversary!
Happy Bloggerversary!
Happy Bloggerversary!

Susan said...

Happy blog Birthday!
I enjoy reading your reflections and can appreciate your concerns re what to share as your circle becomes smaller for a while.
I always enjoy reading about what you read and about the topics of your formation group.

My forty years as another Sister Susan have not put me at too far a remove from your concerns. That may be discouraging to hear or it may reassure you that you are not an outsider nor are you suddenly just an insider with little to share.

Keep on keepin' on.

Anonymous said...

Now that you call yourself "Sr. Susan", it reminds me of other sisters whose name has been "given" to them. Why is this and who is to be given a name and who gets to keep their given name?


Susan Rose Francois, CSJP said...


As I understand it, some communities do still give names to women when they enter ... Our community used to do this. As part of the Vatican II reforms, our communinty gave Sisters the option of keeping their "Religious Name" or returning to their baptismal name.

This pratice is not something I've resarched or know a lot about, but again as I understand it part of thinking was that by becoming a Sister you were leaving your old you behind and taking on a new identity.

Now, in our community at least, there is an emphasis on integrating who you were into who you are becoming. This choice is an extension of my baptismal call, hence I keep my baptismal name of Susan.

Hope that helps.

Christine said...

Happy blogiversary! Imagine that... I so resonate with your concerns. And I think it's about time I did a post about it. This week.

Meanwhile, so glad you are doing what you are doing and writing what you are writing. Your integrity and courage give me the courage to continue my blog too. (I had some rocky starts/encounters three years ago when I began mine!)


Anonymous said...

Sr. Susan, thanks for the explanation on names given vs. keeping your baptismal name. Was just curious. :~)


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Susan....

I enjoy your blog and have a link to it from my own:

I know well the dilemma of how to share about my life knowing that things I say could "blow-back" on my congregation. It is a delicate balance.