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One of the blessings of this year has been the time, most days, to devote to my own meditation practice. In my previous life, when life got crazy and too much to handle, I'd usually look at my prayer practice and realize that I'd whittled the time down to almost nothing. As canonical novices, one of the main things we're supposed to be about is prayer - a suggested 4 hours a day. This includes shared morning and evening prayer, liturgy, spiritual reading and our own prayer practices. I try to spend a bit of this time each day in sitting meditation. There are lots of unbloggable ways that I know I've grown and changed these 4 1/2 months, and I suspect much of it comes from this regular practice.

If you're looking for ideas of how to develop your own contemplative practices, peruse the Tree of Contemplative Practices from the Center for Contemplative Mind in society.

Hat tip to Sylvia for the link.

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Sarah Clark said...

Thank you for sharing this! This is very helpful as I'm revamping some of my contemplative practices this year...