the cost of war

My economist brother has translated the cost of the Iraq War to date (estimated to be approximately $1.2 trillion dollars by the New York Times and International Herald Tribune) in terms we can understand. For example:
  • We could fund the proposed NASA manned and unmanned Mars program ($120 billion), and have enough money left over for 9 International Space Stations (with full funding of operating costs -- $120 billion each).

  • We could permanently colonize the moon ($50 billion) and Mars ($1 trillion.).

  • We couls buy 44 million hummers. This is enough for 7 out of every 10 married couples in the United States. It is also enough for every adult in California, New York, and Texas.
  • Wonder what we could do in terms of feeding the hungry, providing clean water and educating our children? I'm willing to bet we could do quite a lot.

    Visit my brother's blog to read his whole thought provoking post.


    Anonymous said...

    It's pretty depressing to think about all those who could've been sent to school, as well, for that money. I was listening to a thing on NPR this morning, where the caller (it was a talk show) made the comment that after 6 years of a blank check, there's no way Congress can rein in Bush now.

    Anonymous said...

    Yes, we could have all that, but chances are that we wouldn't be able to enjoy it. Why? Because everytime we tried to go some where, our trians would be blown up, planes hijacked and buildings blown up. I am willing to pay the price for my freedom, as are our brave troops, God Bless and Mary keep them!

    littlemissattitude said...

    Thanks for the link. As I commented over there, maybe we should colonize the moon, then send all the politicians from all the nations of the world and make them stay until they work out all their differences.

    Now that would be a wonderful investment, I think. Even if they didn't figure out what to do about all their conflicts, it would get them out of our hair for awhile.

    Sorry for the cynicism. A current writing project of mine has meant I've been having to read way too much in the way of the political history of the US in the last half of the 20th century and the first few years of this century. It's made me a bit frustrated with the whole process.