me in ca

Through the wonders of technology, I've been able to take a photograph of myself in California before I even get there!

Well, ok, it's a fake "photo" of an M&M version of me on a beach. I may or may not even see the beach when I'm in California. I'm headed to the airport in the morning. The occassion of course is my brother's wedding. All my siblings and my father will be there. It should be an adventure to be sure.

It's also my first "jailbreak" from Novitiate. I've spent every night either here at the Novitiate house or at our Intercommunity Novitiate since I arrived in September. I'll be interested to see what it's like to be out & about. I will be back on Monday night so I don't miss our classes next week. We had two excellent classes on Community Living & Theology of the Liturgy this week that continue next week.

(Hat tip to Christine & Natty for the new toy - I just realized that all 3 of us chose to include the coffee cup!)

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Christine said...

I LOVE the bunny slippers, girlfriend!