old fashioned nun lessons

I learned something extremely useful today that has probably been taught in novitiates for generation upon generation ... how to get a red wine stain out of a purificator. Boiling water. That's it. Upon the sage advice of one of our Sisters I poured boiling water over the stain in the purificator and *poof* it was good as new. Amazing!

In case my good friend Terry is reading (who celebrated our liturgy that resulted in the stained purificator and teaches our Scripture class afterwards), I also learned lots of interesting thing at our Scripture class and from your homily. Honest! But you can't beat good housekeeping tips! ;-)

We head to our intercommunity novitiate program tomorrow & Wednesday.

Thursday I get to break out of jail ... I mean Novitiate ... for my "home visit." My brother is getting married in California. I am very interested to see what it's like being out in the "real world" after 5 months of novitiate. Of course, I wouldn't exactly call sharing a hotel room with my father the real world!

I might check in while I'm gone - I think the hotel has wifi. But if not, have a good week & weekend everyone.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the appreciation for homily and class. I will try to find some Heloise Household tips that I can incorporate in the future. I spent several formation years as a sacristan and I cant each you how to clean up melted wax, how to prolong the life of altar flowers, and how to buff a floor to a celestial sheen!


Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time at your brother's wedding Sr Susan! God bless & protect you with your travels.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Susan Rose, have a wonderful time. You are in my prayers as you venture into the world and connect with family and friends. And thanks for the domestic tip ... during novitiate I was told how to eat a banana (fork and knife) ... words to live by! :)

Anonymous said...

What is a purificator?

Anonymous said...

A purificator is the "napkin" the priest or Cup Minister uses to wipe any Precious Blood off the chalice and to clean out the chalice after Communion. One of the many things I learned in the novitiate.

Garpu said...

Mazel tov to your brother! When as a cupbearer, I had a man sneeze on me after receiving the precious blood. Now *that* was fun to clean out. (run home, change my shirt, go back, and rinse it out in the sacristy...) Poor guy was mortified, too. I think Jesus, being fully human and fully divine, would understand a poorly-timed sneeze.