seeing the light

About 6 years ago the region of the country where I was living faced a fairly serious energy crisis. The causes were complicated and much debated, but as a result my electric utility promoted something called the Compact Flourescent Light Bulb by inserting coupons in my electric bill each month.

This was around the same time that my parish was reading and working to implement the Pacific Northwest Bishops' Columbia River Pastoral Letter. In the Northwest much of the power comes from dams on the Columbia River. Saving energy by switching to CFLs would be a simple, concrete action to protect the watershed.

So, putting two and two together, I gradually converted all the light fixtures in my appartment to Compact Flourescent Light Bulbs. They took a while to get used to - they need a few seconds to turn on - but get used to them I did. They even make CFLs that look like normal bulbs and provide a good quality light. My electric bill was lower too! And the best part? When I moved last year in August, I realized that I hadn't changed a light bulb since the switch.

Why do I tell you this? Apparently Wal-Mart is now promoting Compact Flourescent Light Bulbs. Will wonders never cease.

The reign of God proclaimed by Jesus is present and yet to come. Signs of its presence are evident in people's efforts to restore God's creation and live in harmony with the earth and all creatures, and in struggles to promote justice in human communities. - Nortwest Bishops Columbia River Pastoral Letter


Susan said...

We use these at our convent and the long lastingness is amazing!

Christine said...

Wonders will NEVER cease. :-)

Anonymous said...

Can they still not be used in enclosed light fixtures? :/ I'd switch to them, but the ones I've seen have had big warnings on them about it.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that light bulbs could be designed to last forever?