And the nominees are ....

Thanks to whoever nominated this here blog for the 2007 Catholic Blog Awards. This year all nominated blogs are eligible for voting (rather than the top 5), but each person only gets one vote (rather than one voter per IP address per day).

I'm honored to be included in the following categories:
Other categories are Best Designed, Best New, Best Group (Sister Bloggers is nominated), Funniest, Smartest, Most Informative & Insightful, Best Apologetic, Best Political/Social Commentary, Best Insider News (how could this NOT go to Whispers in the Loggia? My liturgist presenter even referenced it the other day!) and Most Spiritual.

One thing is for sure, there are LOTS of Catholic blogs out there! This is a good way to discover them.

Voting Procedures: It looks to me like you have to create an account & log in to
see the nominees and vote. You also need to slog through rather long lists of nominees, but there are hyperlinks so you can check out new-to-you blogs. The former City elections officer in me is happy to see the principle of one person one vote this year, but the large number of nominees is reminding me of the year I had 41 candidates, one of whom was an actual clown. Polls close Friday, February 16th at noon CST.

Happy Voting!


Tom Gibbons said...

Thanks for the head's up - I just found out about the Awards. So we are in competition, eh? Now, you MUST be destroyed...

Seriously, thanks and congrats!

The Ironic Catholic said...

Good luck, Sr. Susan!

p.s. agree totally on trying to wade through the zillion nominees...voting made my head hurt! (It often does, actually.)

Steve Bogner said...

Congratulations on your nominations! Yes, a long ballot - but also a long list of new blogs to check out.

~m2~ said...

I was actually kind of happy that I was nominated, even more so to find I am in such good company :)