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By this time tomorrow I will be visiting with the Sisters I spent my weekend groovy sister reserves with last year in Seattle. Then I'll be spending 3 days at our west coast groovy hq for our Spring Province Assembly. I'm SO looking forward to seeing my west coast groovy sisters & associates. I'm also hoping to get some quality time in on the dock - see picture to the right. (our founding Sisters had GREAT taste in real estate. East Coast Groovy HQ is on the Hudson with views of NYC. West Coast Groovy HQ is on the shores of Lake Washington with views of Seattle).

Before I spend a few days away from the Novitiate, I thought I'd share some interesting words of wisdom I've received recently about the whole Novitiate experience:

First, from Teresa of Avila by way of fellow groovy sister Regina:
I almost forgot to mention, how, in the novitiate, I suffered a great uneasiness over things, that of themselves, were of little consequence."
And from bloggy friend and groovy associate Terry (who was also a presenter at our Intercommunity Novitiate Program this week):
Novitiate is the soap opera where you discover you are not the star.
Words of wisdom and so true. That said, I'm excited to spend a few days away and in the company of my west coast groovy community. Can't wait to smell the Pacific Northwest air!! :)

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Lisa said...

Hope you had a good visit home with your groovy Sisters "West"! I'm sure that they were thrilled to have you there with them.

By the way, we were blessed to have "Terry" give us a wonderful reflection on our foundress at our associates' gathering last week. What a small world!

Peace and blessings!