she won the game

A week ago Sunday I was staying at west coast groovy sister hq in Seattle. After dinner, a group of us gathered to play a rousing game of Spinner- a domino type game - in the community room. One of the Sisters who played with us was 87 year old Sr. Anne Zelenak. Anne had a major stroke in 1978 that left her permanently disabled. She's been living at groovy sister hq ever since. Even with her condition, Anne was always a lively participant in the community, as our rousing game of spinner attested to. In fact, she won the last game with a sly and cunning move! Her eyes gleamed with delight.

When we left the community room after our game, Anne wanted to make sure that my fellow novice Chero & I gave her a big hug. The beautiful look on her smiling face expressed more than words could have said.

I'm sad to say that I just received the obituary notice for Sr. Anne.
"St. Joseph of Peace Sister Anne Zelenak, who lived with courage, humor and a prayerful heart, died on March 28, 2007. ...

Born in Tacoma in 1920, Anne Zelenak joined the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace in 1950. As Sister George Anne, she ministered as a bookkeeper for Catholic hospitals and residential programs in Alaksa, New Jersey, Oregon and Washington unti 1978 when a major stroke left her permanently disabled. She joined the Sisters' residence at St. Mary-on-the-Lake, Bellevue at that time, and loved participating in prayer and in the life of the community.

A passionate fan of the Seattle Mariners, Sister Anne followed their every game with deep attention. She was beloved among the Sisters for her joyous smile, her determination to participate fully in the life of the community, and her prayerfulness.
I am so glad I got to spend that last evening with her, not to mention how happy I am that she won the game! She will be missed, especially by her Sisters at groovy sister hq.


xsquared said...

Once again, please allow me to express my condolances to you and your fellow groovy sisters. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Anonymous said...

Susan, you nailed it again! Thanks particularly for sharing about Spinner. It was a special time for Anne and all of you present! Will send a Vigil program with an awesome Anne picture from years ago.
Mary C.